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Hip Hop Dance Workout


Hip Hop Dance is an excellent way to exercise!If you have a goal to improve your endurance, then hip hop moves are a great way to do it. With the most Famous Dancer teaches you hip-hop moves that double as exercises in these application dance workout videos. In this application we will help you to learn step by step How to Hip Hop Dance Workout:
1- How to Do a Simple Step Dance Move 2- How to Do a Slide Double Hop Dance Move 3- How to Do a Dip, Step, Rock Dance Move 4- How to Do the High Steps Dance Move 5- How to Do the Kickbacks Dance Move 6- How to Do the Arm Swings Dance Move 7- How to Do a Pull Down Dance Move 8- How to Do a Slide Side Dance Move 9- How to Do a Triple Hop Dance Move 10- How to Do a Heel Touch Dance Move 11- How to Do a Stripper Squat Dance Move 12- How to Do a Top Rock Dance Move 13- How to Do a Tutting Squat Dance Move 14- How to Do a Snake Lunge Dance Move 15- How to Do a Side Snake Lunge Dance Move 16- How to Do a Booty Bounce Dance Move 17- How to Do a Cross Open Dance Move 18- How to Do a Breakdancing Push-Up Dance Move 19- How to Do a Simple Step Kid-n-Play Style Dance Move 20- How to Do the 2 Up 2 Down Dance Move 21- How to Do the Shoulder Roll Over Dance Move 22- How to Do the In Twist Dance Move 23- How to Do the Run Toe Tap Hip-Hop Dance Move 24- How to Do the Kick n Pick It Up Dance Move 25- How to Do the Grapevine Dance Move 26- How to Do the Roll Around Dance Move 27- How to Do the Front Side Back Kicks Dance Move 28- How to Do the Kick Cross Rock Step Dance Move 29- How to Do the Vogue Arms Dance Move 30- How to Do the Get Under It Dance Move 31- How to Do the Open & Close It Dance Move 32- How to Do the Wind It Back Dance Move 33- How to Do the Quick Feet Dance Move 34- How to Do the Hip-Hop Hooray Arms Dance Move 35- How to Do the Reggae Dancehall Step Dance Move 36- How to Do a Fly Girl Step Dance Move 37- How to Do a Jazz Square Dance Move 38- How to Do the Tricep Dip & Kick Dance Move 39- How to Do the Stanky Leg Dance Move 40- How to Do the Pivot Lift Dance Move 41- How to Do the Whacking Arms Dance Move 42- How to Do an Arm-Toning Dance Move 43- How to Do a Cardio Blast Dance Move 44- How to Do a Thigh-Toning Dance Move
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